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Quality and sustainability


The cornerstone of our business is quality and sustainability: providing high-quality timbers from sustainable sources.


Our suppliers use sustainable harvesting methods

Our West African timbers comes primarily from one supplier, Interholco, who harvests their concession under a strict logging programme. On average, less than two trees are extracted per hectare over a 30-year cycle.


A strict logging programme means better quality timber

Because our suppliers use a 30-year cycle, the trees harvested are bigger and older. Bigger logs means less cross-grain and sapwood in the timber we receive here. This translates into a more dense and durable timber that is easier to work with.


Strict controls are in place

Interholco is a Chain-of-Custody company, registered to supply PEFC and LVT (legally verified timber).

Similarly, for timber from the Knysna region and other parts of southern Africa, we source from suppliers who are FEC registered. In Angola, we visit the sawmills regularly to ensure that we are dealing with only the most environmentally conscious sawmillers.

We comply with all CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) regulations. These regulations control the trade of endangered species to prevent unsustainable or illegal exploitation.