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showroom980There's something special about seeing beautiful timber being crafted into a striking piece of furniture. African Lumber Traders sells a select variety of high-quality lumber, sourced from around the world. So whether you’re creating a bespoke piece or wanting to install a pool deck, we can help you choose the perfect timber for almost any project.

"Each plank can have only one ideal use. The woodworker must find this ideal use and create an object of utility to man, and if nature smiles, an object of lasting beauty." George Nakashima, woodworker and author of "The Soul of a Tree"

African Lumber Traders Showroom


Give us a call today or visit our showroom:
1 Brug Street,
Triangle Farm
Stikland, Belville

(No 1 is at the far western end of Brug Street - corner of Brug  & Isotope.)

Phone:   021-931 0565
Fax: 021-931 0549

Showroom hours: 
Monday to Thursday 7:30am – 5:00pm
Friday 7:30am – 3:00pm