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Exploring the Beauty of Red Grandis: A Sustainable Marvel

Our story unfolds against the rich backdrop of Uruguay’s natural beauty, revealing the great care and artistry that goes into crafting Red Grandis Wood. Join us on a journey into the magical world of Red Grandis timber, where nature’s beauty meets human ingenuity.

Discovering Uruguay's Natural Beauty

Uruguay is well-known for its pristine landscapes and unspoiled natural beauty. Ernie’s adventure began in Montevideo, the vibrant capital city that served as the starting point for this incredible excursion. His trip took him north to Rivera, a border town that not only housed Urufor’s nursery but also their sawmill.

The Nursery & Plantations: A Hub of Sustainability

The narrative of Red Grandis Wood begins with diligent care at Urufor’s nursery. Trees are grown here from seeds that have been cloned from the most desirable trees, or from saplings cut from mother trees. The interesting thing about these mother trees is that they’re about 8 years old and no bigger than Bonsai trees, highlighting the precision and care put into their growth.

When these seedlings are mature, Urufor chooses the best ones to plant in the neighbouring plantations. Approximately 800 trees are planted each hectare, but after the stringent selection process, the harvestable trees are often noticeably less than the initial trees planted.

Crafting Excellence at Urufor's Sawmill

Following a careful selection process, the logs are transferred to the sawmill, where they are subjected to strict processing. Kiln drying is an important phase in this process since it increases the durability of the wood while keeping its natural beauty.

In Conclusion

Ernie’s journey into the world of Red Grandis timber revealed the splendour of long-lasting beauty. Urufor’s constant commitment to quality left a lasting effect on him. From carefully selecting trees to kiln drying. We’re excited to explore additional exotic wood species as we go, bringing the best of nature’s abundance with each creation. Stay tuned for more thrilling journeys!


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